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deep fried fish less healthful! (2nd article on the page)


At 3:45 PM, Blogger Barb said...

So given that fried fish is less healthy, guess how chicken and fish are typically prepared for school lunches? Only one guess, and I bet you will get it absolutely right!

Remember that awful school lunch? Now it is awful for different reasons. Here is a sample menu (taken from the menu published by the Salt Lake City School District Food Services department) for one week:
Week One: Hot Dog on Bun, Chicken Nuggets, Tacos, Pizza, Hamburger on a Bun. Want to know one of the breakfast options? A DONUT! The kid gets to choose between a donut or cold cereal for breakfast!

Okay, now here is the second half of my rant. According to the Food and Nutrition department of the USDA, 13.7 million children nationwide received free lunch in 2003 and 4,763.2 million lunches were served total. School lunch is served in parks during the summer because without it, many kids would be a whole lot hungrier.

Childhood diabetes and obesity rates are both on the rise. It is time to revisit the school lunch program and give our kids something healthy to eat.


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