little miss messy hair


tour d' Dream

i'm in my neighborhood, on my bike. i want to stop by that little consignment shop on 8th. I'm on 10th, and then 9th. i get off my bike to go up a very steep hill. soon i am getting off my bike to go down a very steep hill, but i am not really sure why i do that. i am riding on the sidewalks, which are wide and smooth. i remember that as a child i wanted to be in the tour d'france. did i actually want this? i do not know, but the dream me did.

i am waiting at the traffic light listening to people talk. i am in germany. a group of 4 men walk up and are speaking english. american english. i can tell they are native speakers. they are talking about just being boston and the DNC. the light changes.

i cross the street and end up tripping into a cosmetic store. i literally slide into a display. it is a row of stores, but not a strip mall. i am now carrying a pillow, a looseleaf, and a small duvet with a printed cover. The duvet came from my prison cell, though i think the prison cell is just my room. i find something i want to buy, but them realize i do not have any marks (which would not have done me any good anyhow as i would need Euros, but apparently the dream me does not realize this). i plan on returning once i have exchanged some money. i leave, with the goal of finding the consignment shop on 8th (which in real life is on 9th, so i guess that is why i never found it.)


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