little miss messy hair


in theory it's supposed to be making me more patient

but in practice it just pisses me off.

grr. i was working on my polka-dot top and helping SOP with his roof. mostly, he was a a stage where he just wanted someone there to make him feel safer on the roof, so it should not have been a problem, BUT he needed me to hand him something and a jumped up to get it, caught my shoe in my yarn (okay, actually they were his shoes so i was already looking like an escapee from the ringling brothers), pulled my knitting, or actually tinking at the time because i was un-doing a row, across the lawn and lost a bunch of stitches and two stitch markers in the grass. the yarn is kind of a pain to pick up stitches because it is made of a lot of little threads and after picking up somesttitches, the ones that were not yet on the needles would drop another row and, after much swearing and threatening, (does the yarn listen when i say "don't you dare even think about dropping you little hunk of crud!!", No! It drops another stitch with defiance!) i ended up pulling it off the needles completely and ripped away. i did stop myself from ripping the entire garment and just ripped about 10 rows to a point where i could actually get all the stitches. i even found, okay SOP found, one of the stitch markers. grr. give me a beer, baby!


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