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a friend of mine is out of town on a fellowship for a year and thought that the professor who would be taking his place would sub-let his apartment. well, she just informed him that she will not. it is too old of a building to be quiet enough for her and she is unsure about the safety of the neighborhood. well, if she wants to live close to town, it is a pretty safe neighborhood, but oh well. i love his apartment and had always thought the apartments in that building must be really pricey. but his apartment is only $550 a month and it has two large main rooms, a nice-sized bedroom, a balcony that you could actually sit on, a storage room, a decent sized kitchen and bath. i was paying $475 for a place half the size 3 years ago! it is a great older building with the tiles typical in buildings from the '30s and '40s and wood floors.

SO, if you are looking for a semi-furnished apartment in salt lake city until May (?) 2005, this is a deal! comment! i'll get in touch with you!


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I would love to see the apartment. I'm looking for a place to live next month. please send me contact information at


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