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all i have to say is

i had better get knitting!
i have so many projects that i want to do and quite a few that i already have yarn for as well! the green top is taking a long time, and it will take me a long time in general, i think, and i really want some alternate projects to work on at the same time that i can do while i walk to work and such.

what i am working on right now:

  1. polka-dot purl top from spring IK

  2. BBBB from stitch n bitch (ok, not sure this really counts as it is a do-a-row-here-and-there kind of project

  3. socks for me (first pair ever, one sock done)

  4. washcloths (2 started)

here's what i have yarn for and wanted to get done this summer (LOL!!):

  1. jade from elsebet lavold's sentimental journey

  2. polka-dot purl top from spring IK (started - see above)

hmm... i thought that list was longer.

here's what i have yarn for and want to get done this fall and winter:

  1. aud from the viking collection

  2. liv from the viking collection

  3. honey, from summer tweed

  4. the baggy turtleneck that i can't remember the name of, from summer tweed

  5. chamomile, from summer tweed

  6. hat with that foofy wool yarn i bought last year

  7. sweater of my own design

and more things i'd like to do:

  1. socks! there are at least 3 patterns in 'folk solks' that i want to make right away

  2. poncho? (i do not know why i put a question mark there - i am signed up for a poncho knit-along!)

  3. cardigan from simple knits

  4. dolman updated from winter IK

  5. granny-square pullover from winter IK

  6. gloves! (with fingers long enough to fit me!)

  7. kyoto, from knitty

  8. ...

not to mention i have a chair portfolio in photography to work on, an urn to turn, scraps of a life to lead, my wife to kill and guildor to frame for it!


At 1:00 PM, Blogger Barb said...

I am tired just looking at your list. My list is a bunch shorter:
1 more bias scarf.
1 more clog other half of the pair
1 sweater for me (my first project for me!)
a lap blanket/shawl because my office is freezing

Good luck with your projects!

At 11:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love a good Princess Bride allusion any day.


At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

William adds, "I'm swamped."



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