little miss messy hair


it's good to be home

i slept SO well last night. in my own bed. in my own space. it was so nice. i do miss harley, though. he sure is a sweet dog.

i made a scrubby for SOP based off the dishcloth duo pattern. i used an acrylic yarn for extra scrubbing power and it was so easy to make. now i will have to make one for me. i am also going to make one in linen as a scrubby for my face. soon,

my second sock is coming along. yes, i should post pictures, but i am too tired and lazy at the moment. soon. when i am done you shall have beautiful sock pictures to admire!

work is very busy this week. getting ready for the start of the semester and of course all the professors have shown up this week and forgotten their brains. okay, only some of them, but enough to make you wonder ;)


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