little miss messy hair


week of the dog

he is SOOOO sweet!
Officially it's called dog- and house-sitting, but Harley and i like to think of it as hanging out. He wakes me up at an un-godly hour (perhaps if i were a god he would not do this, but as i am a mere mortal, he feels free to remind me of this fact) and we go for a walk. At some point he decides that the leash is a great toy and starts jumping for it and pulling me around. Usually, he ends up with the leash wrapped around his muzzle and legs and we give up on the game, but it's fun while it lasts. we go back to his house and eat breakfast and then i have to go to work and he gives me 'deserter' accusatory looks. later on, when i am done with work for the day, i go back to his house and he pees on the floor with excitement and i get to clean it up. we go outside and wrestle for a bit and then hang out some more and eat dinner, wait for it to cool down and then go into the garage where i put on his leash and hit the button to raise the garage door and he runs under it as it goes up, splatting me into the door as i am not as short as he is.

he is really such a sweet and gentle guy. i am very much enjoying his company, even if he does snore like a freight train.


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