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the long-awaited picture of the 'japanese scrubbie' from the dishcloth duo pattern is here!. it was SO easy to make and SOP really likes it! ok, he has not actually used it to wash dishes; he says it is 'too nice'. i told him i'd knit him a spare that he can hang on the wall.
yum! acrylic!
i made it with an acrylic yarn i bought at michaels for $1.50 and i believe i can make a few dozen more from that skein. i don't really like the feel of the yarn, but then i don't like doing dishes either, so why not double my pleasure?

it's been a long week with work and a long weekend on the roof helping SOP. ugh. can't we just get it done? we have most of the felt up now and have started on the shingles. i am becoming a master shingle slider. my mother will be so proud!

coming tomorrow: pictures of honey so far! (you know you want to see it)


At 9:24 AM, Blogger Amie said...

I LOVE Pilates, but boy is it tough to get to classes! Nice blog! But there's some sort of color problem so the options to leave a comment, and your links, look invisible until I select that area, and the highlighted versions show up...

At 6:12 PM, Blogger Barb said...

Lovely to look at, but better to scrub with! I used it at SOP's roofing extravaganza and it cleaned my grimy hands in a dandy fashion. I've printed the pattern and I am off to make my own.


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