little miss messy hair



okay, only one picture turned out. it was late, any picture i took had a big me-shadow right in the center of it and well, this is all i have to offer today:
getting closer every day
if you want to see a big picture of the exact same thing, i think you know what to do

i have made quite a bit of progress, if you couldn't tell. you are so lucky. SOP gets to here me say "oh! look at it now!" about every three rows, but you get actual leaps and bounds!
i think the main reason why i am cruising on this is that i FREEZE at work and desperately want something else to keep me warm. it is not good when your teeth chatter and you can hardly type. makes web work pretty difficult, let me tell you! i'm sure that is the reason behind all my typos.


At 9:14 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

I think it is a web development thing (to be cold)...It is two different temps in my office--hotter than hell and colder than Antarctica. It so happens the team I am on, the web team, is in Antarctica. My next project for myself is a cardigan as well. I hope you finish soon so you don't get sick!

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

Oh, that looks great. It was really nice meeting you last night. I'm sorry we didn't get to chat much, but I hope we'll have another chance.


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