little miss messy hair


no pictures this weekend

so i drew you one instead...
very tragic
however, i DID take many pictures this weekend. 2 rolls of slide film (color) which i will drop off after work today so i can scan them soon! lots of pictures of lily-pads, maybe one of them will turn out. spent sunday out on a lake in the uintas in SOP's canoe (which he built himself, being the talented man that he is).

oh, and i have a gift for my sister! shh, don't tell her! hee hee. i'll post a picture of this cool item after i get it to her. ooh, i am so excited!

This just in! i finished 1 of my fingerless gloves this weekend and started on my poncho! i also broke multiple DPNs through transportation -grr- and ordered a variety of replacements to see which ones can handle my haphazard toting-around (i am also trying to tote around not-so-haphazardly). the fingerless glove is made of a woll/angora blend and is so warm it makes me ill! but while i was using it to hold my marshmallow shake purchased at Dick's on the way home from the lake, my hand did not get cold at all (though my fingertips did).
REAL pictures coming later this week!


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