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are we having fall or autumn now?

i made soup last night. summer must be over. and, in looking at the calendar (if you are into that kind of thing), it is.

"fall has officially begun" i comment to my compatriate in soup-eating, who wishes to remain anonymous for reasons that will soon reveal themselves.

"huh?" my compratiate (from now on refered to as CP) inquires.

"well, it's the 22nd, fall has started"

"is autumn already over?" CP asks.

"um, no, it's just started. it won't be over until december, the equinox, december 21st"

"but doesn't autumn come before fall?"

yes, my dear CP had always thought that fall and autumn were two seperate seasons and had wondered why we would have two seasons in the same time period covered by just one for the rest of the year. he then said that he was glad he had found out the truth with me, because it could have been really embarrassing had it been around someone else. Which is why i am sharing ;-)


At 11:06 AM, Blogger Barb said...

When I was little I thought there were many different types of furniture. I had no clue that a davenport, chesterfield, sofa, and couch were really the same thing. So I totally understand the Autumn and Fall confusion. Really, isn't a flapjack made using a different recipe than a pancake?


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