little miss messy hair


we interrupt this blog

for a pissed-off announcement.

SOP's garage was broken into last night while we were away at a party for a friend of his who was hurt in a bike accident and is now paralyzed from the waist down. What was stolen? SOP's bike (which he had just started to ride again) and my dad's compressor that SOP had borrowed for the roof work. i feel sick. my dad recently lent his chainsaw to someone who broke it and didn't offer to get it fixed or anything and now this! SOP will check to see if his insurance will cover any of the replacement and either way it is time to check out Sears. sigh. it's a big compressor, too, so we are hoping some of SOP's neighbors noticed something. now i need to get the serial numbers for the compressor as well.

today's post was going to be all happy about my great road-trip this weekend and the beanie i started and finished and lots of pics, but that will have to wait. maybe a little later.


At 10:29 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

I still have my first crocheted yarmulke. I've frogged the rest, thank goodness.

How are you liking your pilates class?

I'm really sorry to hear about the break-in.


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