little miss messy hair


the beanie

so, i have leftover noro kureyon yarn from my FMB and as well as planning on using it as a stripe for some yet-to-be-thought-up sweater, i decided to make the one-skien kureyon hat from the knitting garden. So, i took the pattern and yarn on my road-trip (pics to come), but didn't start, or finish it until i got back. what adjustments did i make? (yes, you know i made adjustment). well, first, the pattern is flat, and i knit in the round, casting on 65 stitches so that i can stitch the first and last ones together to give me a total of 64. Then, i ended up knitting much more that the 11 rows after the ribbing stops because my first attempt made a nice yarmulke, but not a very good beanie. Then, i followed schmeebot's advice on beanie decreases to shape the head. Then i added a itsybitsy icord topper. basically, all i used the main pattern for was the number of stitches to cast on and how much ribbing to give it. ah well, i am really happy with it and it was a VERY quick knit.


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