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the easy beanie

so, there is this cool blog, you all know it, you've been there, schmeebot and last week i got the chance to work with it's creator, Thuy, on her "easy beanie". It is a cool hat and a cool concept: all knitting, short-rows, and a bit of grafting. and you end up with a beanie like this:
sooo easy
except you probably won't have doodling on the whiteboard behind you.
i made it out of the same yarn as my fingerless gloves, which i finished while volunteering for my local public radio station's pledge drive this weekend: elsebeth lavold's angora (60% angora, 20% wool, 20% polyamide). oh, i am also really happy with the gloves and made some changes to the pattern, basically devising a pattern of my own to combat the dreaded pinky-finger web. i'm going to do more work on my pattern and post it one day. really.


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