little miss messy hair


woh is me

or is that woh is i?

in any case, in my room, i have a constant reminder of my works on hold: the sock that i have never finished for sop. forget about second sock syndrom, i can't even make it that far:

now this project really started going downhill when the black yarn started puking out huge knots from the center. no, wait, maybe it started going downhill when i adjusted the pattern to fit the different gauge of the yarn i had chosen... no, it was probably when i decided to do a sock as my first fair isle project as well as my first sock. yes, that could have been it.

my second woh, which is also my oldest, is hidden in my nightstand:

now, this is a woh for no particular reason. eventually it will be the big bad baby blanket from stitch n bitch, but for now it is, well, not a whole lot i do love the feel of the yarn and when i am aching for something soothing to knit, this wins out. comes way before the socks for sop, i assure you.

now comes the polkadot purl top:

this was the dreaded tubular cast-on project which resulted in much foul language on my part. why is it a woh? well, i got to a point where i had to set it down for a while and i am not exactly sure where i am. frankly, i am too lazy to figure it out right now.

before i started counting my wohs, i though that was it. three wohs are hardly anything to be sorrowful about, really, but then i remembered (okay, i was reminded as i pulled it out of the bottom of a bag):

the hemp bathmitt. oh, this was going to be SO MUCH FUN. this project is so very much on hold that i stole the needles it requires for another project (which i have long since finished, i might add). it turned out that this project made my fingers ache. i obviously need to knit more loosely, a fact i fail to notice when i knit with wool.

in addition, i have the double trouble sock woh"

a project that came to a screeching halt when my crystal palace needles fell apart (as they are wont to do) and i had no epoxy. the needles are still not repaired and all i have done are the toes.

finally we come to "oh woh! what was i thinking?":

the poncho. i actually had myself believing i might wear this thing and worked on this quite steadily during my roadtrip last year. but i realized that i would not be wearing a poncho as long as i remain in my right mind, or as close as i get to being in my (or anyone else's) right mind and have since canabalized the yarn for other projects. so i guess this isn't a woh at all, it is just a frogging waiting to happen.

just in case you were wondering, woh can equal woe, it can also equal whoa, but it never equals wow.


At 8:26 AM, Blogger thuy said...

whoa indeed! we need a cure for the wohs. may be a wOh along, where the o means OFF.

i don't even know where my woh's are. awol, may be?

At 8:37 AM, Blogger xmasberry said...

a woh-along - i like it. i think the socks have definitely reached priority guilt.

At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my favorite thing to do with something that has been sitting around for a long time is to rip it out and pretend I have new yarn. The best thing to do with a poncho is give it to someone who lives out of state, then you don't even have to know if they never wear it. the socks look great, I bet you'll finish them in no time. maura

At 3:32 PM, Blogger Erin said...

I love your socks, and more than that, I love that you're trying fair isle socks. E-gads. I think it'll be a while before I dive into something like that.


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