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lazy lizard trip - day 6

in which sop and lmmh do not use proper care when dealing with the sun.

the day started with two cups of tea, one was just not enough on this fine morning - we had to say hello to both earl AND lady grey. then we slowly gathered bits and pieces from camp and headed up pleasant creek (river? stream?).

the trail starts out on a road, which then turns off along a canal created by the diversion of pleasant creek to the town of notom. after a fence, the canal becomes stream again, going back to its natural state. there were so many things to discover and explore: lots of side areas to wander (or is it wonder?) around in.

first, some still nameless flowers;

then, this cool flower/bean-pod plant that also marks a point where the gaffer's tape that had been holding together my camera since day 3 gave out and ruined another roll of film. but let's just focus on the cool flowers for now, why don't we:

this was the hottest day of the trip so far. we hiked until we finally got up on a ridge where we could enjoy the beauty of ... a rancher's house. just when you think you are alone. on the way back, with our sunscreen well sweated off, we went to float the river:

the river was not quite deep enough - i think i managed to float about 5 feet once - but it was loads of fun anyway! i'll hit up sop for the pictures he snapped of me and add those later. this would be no fun at all if i couldn't embarrass myself regularly, you know.


At 12:06 PM, Blogger thuy said...

how much do i love that flowering plant with the pods!

sop can walk on water!


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