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lazy lizard trip - day 5

in which the Lamp Stand receives a new name, and our subjects are amazingly still able to ride on...

the day started with a trek to get some fresh water. we hiked a little ways up long canyon where there was a stream inlet that appeared not to be as silty as the rest of the stream. plunking the filter in we got 5 gallons before the filter wanted to be cleaned. as we were near the end of the trip, we figured the 5 gallons would do us. we then jumped in the truck and set off to the campsite and the mine.

there was an offspurt road before the road to the mine that we figured might get us to Lamp Stand, so, after parking the truck, we headed off to that. finally, we saw something that might, if you squinted, may have served as a Lamp Stand to some rancher at some time.

what is that in the background?

with a little bit of help, that is:

we hereby dub thee "The Gin Stand"!

obviously, someone thought others might need some help in seeing Lamp Stand as well and kindly left that help in the shade of a nearby rock. sop opened and sniffed, and it was indeed gin, so he took a swig:

not wanting to be shown up (i am an itsy-bitsy bit competetive), i went for it as well:

your results may vary.

we sobered up while biking along the burr trail, taking random side roads to hone our sand-riding skills, finally heading back to camp past the fields of desert cilantro:

(which is just a name sop made up when i was oohing over the scent - it really does smell like a sweet cilantro! - he had me convinced we could pick a bunch and sprinkle it over our dinner the night before.)

oh! then we decided to head into capitol reefer:

and we finally found a campsite between the park and notom sometime after dark.


At 4:02 PM, Blogger thuy said...

may be crushing some of that cilantro into the gin? i wonder if the gin was used to fuel the lamp.

At 4:47 PM, Blogger Flatlander said...

This trip looks like it was SO much fun. I love that you 2 took gin shots!


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