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lazy lizard trip - day 7

on which lmmh concedes that if her trip had lasted as long as posting about it has, she would be really happy with her benefits package.

day seven meant leaving. heading back to slc. as much as i thought it would be great to shower, i had no desire to actually go back, i have to admit. we decided to try to hike a trail we had started on last year and had turned back after a while. This time, we set out to do the entire loop - heading up a hill and then down into a canyon and then coming out along the road again - or so we thought.

near the top of the hill, there is a lot of petrified wood. so much in fact that you would be amazed that there is some random guy out of torrey who has 'placed' petrified wood along the trail in attractive poses so that he can charge people to take them on his tour. what is amazing is that if you walk past these obviously positioned objects, you run into massive tree trunks of petrified wood emerging from the ground, and it is so natural in comparison to his placed objects that their configuration looks silly.

we headed down into the canyon, scrambling over rocks and down slots, making sure as we went that we could always get back up what we were going down in case we had to turn back.

the walls got steeper as we went, of course.

but we were still pretty sure we could make it through and get back down to the road.

until we ran into this:

at least a 100 foot drop to the next flat surface. thwarted! we turned back, enjoying scrambling up all the rocks as much as we enjoyed scrambling down them.

the rest of the day, we played tourists. We went to the visitor center in capitol reef and bought postcards, went up a pamphlet-guided nature trail, but stopped short of walking along the boardwalk to see the petroglyphs - too many people! it was rough running into so many people after 5 days of near solitude! then we stopped at a friend of sop's in Torrey and hung out and talked and then slept on their floor. a great trip indeed!


At 5:03 PM, Blogger thuy said...

i would like to subscribe to this tour for next year as well as any tour you may have between now and then. i hope levitation skills are not required.


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