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short walks

i dog sat for my friend Carol last weekend. Her dog, Blackie, is a real sweetheart and one of my favorites and we had a good time - except that my keen sandals, which are great in the sand and water, give me blisters on the bottom curve of my heel when wearing them on asphalt and after our walks this weekend, i can barely walk at all anymore. AND my bike shoes hurt also AND getting in and out of any shoe pretty well hurts. AND i haven't been taking enough pictures AND i forgot my camera when i went to the arts festival this weekend AND i am out of things to complain about, so i will just share two pictures that i did manage to take while out and about this weekend:

and that would be how much exactly?


At 4:17 PM, Blogger thuy said...

high $blank sounds very affordable because if there is one thing i have, it's a lot of $blank.

is that house in your neighborhood? it's like a child's sketch.


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