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rib and cable and variegated yarn

so, last weekend, when i needed to go downtown and was sure i would not want to walk home in mid-day heat and would therefore want to take the bus, i felt i needed a portable project. the beaded bracelet (maryella from knitty), while quite small, has problems in the actual travelling due to the slipperiness of the thread and the needles and i really didn't see the possible scene that could ensue as i found a needle pulled out of a row on the bus as one that i really wanted to risk.

So, i decided to start something else. Socks. Socks with one ball of yarn. "ooh," i thought. "i could stop by black sheep wool on my way into town!" But then, i looked at my yarn basket. i have sock yarn in there, waiting to be used, and have absolutely no excuse NOT to use it. True, the yarn i had in mind (Koigu P522), was varigated and i am not so much of a fan of variegated yarn, but the colors are VERY me and, honestly, what else was i going to do with it? So, i pulled out the short brittany 2.25mm needles and started in on the rib and cable socks from the fall 2005 issue of Interweave Knits.

then, yesterday, i noticed that there was a new post on the wool palace. Seems she decided to get rid of some stash yarn by knitting the rib and cable socks from IK fall 2005 using a variegated koigu yarn and her very short brittany needles. hmm... i'd say it was something in the air, but due to the great distance between us, i severely doubt that.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger thuy said...

the length of the needles makes the sock look giant. very nice yarn; colors look great even when knitted up.

At 9:37 PM, Anonymous jess said...

tres belles! the yarn works for this pattern. i tried using koigu a while back for a lace pattern and was less than thrilled, but with your colors it really seems to work.

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Mary said...

Great minds think alike! I'm not usually a fan of variagated yarns for textured patterns, but Koigu works well for this one. I love the colour you're using.


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