little miss messy hair


this is the reason

that i do not like to post pictures of knit items in progress.

can you see the cool-patterned ribbing? can you see the neckline with its eyelets? can you see anything other than a bunch of pieces strewn out on the carpet? abstracts of knitting are so much better than the random puzzle picture, at least in my eyes.

the one thing that might catch your attention is how short the arms are. i almost made them longer than the pattern instructed, but decided to break out of my rut. at least they are not 3/4 length: they are more like 7/8 length, which is SO much better.


At 9:34 AM, Blogger thuy said...

great to see your knitting progress! 7/8 sleeve is a perfect summer length. looks perfectly proportionate with the body.


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