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uh, you know that knitting thing?

well, i still do that.

i've been working on a sweater for me, namely chamomile from rowan's 'summer tweed collection'. the pattern is knit flat, but i really do not feel like sewing up a billion seams, so i've been adapting it to round work. this is pretty straight forward until you get to the neck opening. at that point you, or at least i, end up working the left side of the front, turning, working the left side again, then the back, then right side of the front and then the right front side again and then the back again. since you have to make eyelets on some rows, you kind of have to pay attention and crazy stuff like that.

so, this is where i am so far:

and this is a sample of the notes that got me there:


At 9:35 AM, Blogger thuy said...

did you knit all that last night? i love the tweedy texture of the fabric. yay for in the round knitting!


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