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random postal events

you know how you read about the miracles of postal diligence? a letter sent to "john, the author" in New Jersey, or to "Mary, in the red brick house on the corner near the hospital in Hoboken" that actually makes it to John and Mary, respectively (not Mary and John, irrespectively) ?

i had lost faith in these feats of the postal service when, last summer, i did not receive a wedding invitation because it was addressed to me AND sop at my address. "nope, no sop here, can't deliver this". i was used to that in Germany, but not here. here it doesn't matter whose name is on the mailbox: if the address matches, or even if it doesn't, they'll deliver it.

yesterday, however, my faith was restored. i received an invitation to a bridal shower for someone i only sorta know. it was addressed to me, but not at my address, nor at any address i've ever had. no it was addressed to me at sop's apartment that he moved out of a year and a half ago.

all hail the mighty USPS!


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