little miss messy hair



that is what my mailbox said when i got home yesterday. not because it was glad to see me, but because it was not so dreadfully lonely and wanted to share its joy with me. and do you know why it was joyful? because thuy had sent us a package of goodies!!!
let's open it together, why don't we?
it's addressed to MEEEEE!!!
but before we do, check out the great note on the back:
no worries thuy! it arrived in perfect shape!
first: an overview of goodness:
so much stationery
that it can't be captured in one picture
or even two
do you think she wants me to write her a letter?
but she must know that i think tea is delicious!
tea time
and that i love cotton candy made of kitties! (just kidding, but aren't these great? there are even pictures showing how to add the kittens into the cotton candy machine!)
kittens are delicious
and my favorite - nemuri neko, the sleeping cat!
i am just going to drool here for a minute
THANK YOU thuy!!! you are


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