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so, sop and i wanted this low-key wedding. just us, really. well, and our parents, and now our siblings. it should be a good time. anyway, we really want to have the ceremony at a picnic spot up city creek canyon in salt lake; so we set out thursday night to pick a picnic site so we could make the reservation. Here are the sites that made the short list:

area 19 - shadybrook:

pretty stream:

and possibly enough room for 12:

but these might cause a problem:

area 21 - maple grove:

this could work:

area 24:

with a beautiful stream:

and a cool picnic area:

and plenty of lunch goodies:

and in case you didn't notice how lovely the stream was:

area 23 - north fork:

sop likes this place:

"i now pronounce you leaf and tree":

sop is still going strong!

area 29 - weeping rock:

probably the coolest so far, but the hardest to get into:

one of the things i loved about this area, and most of the rotary club areas, was the connection the people who built it had with the actual places. They didn't just hire someone to do the work, they did the work themselves and made it theirs. The attachment is very obvious.

area 27:

this table just about made the place for us, there were a number of these throughout the slightly overgrown site:

yeah, i could see this:

so which is the spot? sadly, none. sop called today to make the reservation and found that all the sites would be closed the week of our wedding. sigh. further hunting will have to be done.


At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suppose changing the date isn't a good idea....
Geez, I don't check in for a couple of days and you go crazy! I'll see if I can work the new camera now - was forced to read the instructions. I so want to live in Rohan - but they didn't have cameras there.


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